Meet coach Andrius

10 questions for coach A. Levanas: The Police School's instructor who loved making mischiefs in his childhood.

When did basketball came into your life?

Since childhood I have tried several sports: swimming, football, but in the yard, like all the children, I was fond of playing basketball. Later my classmates pushed me to go to basketball trainings and I was grateful for them because now basketball has taken up a very big part of my life.

Who you wanted to become when grow up when you were a child?
It is strange, but in my childhood I have not even dreamed about what I will be, but later I discovered that sport is my favorite thing.

“Three things that you did not know about me”:
• I graduated from the Lithuanian Sports University and got a specialty in physical education;
• I work as an instructor at the Lithuanian Police School;
• The third thing is that I think you did not know the first two.

Life event you would like to repeat?
I like to travel, so I would like to repeat the last of my trips.

The greatest pleasure in your life is…?

Being with my closest people.

What would you like to say/advise to yourself in childhood?

My childhood was really fun, but there could have been less mischiefs that sometimes made my parents feel embarrassment.

Favorite dish?

I really like Lithuanian dishes, so we I would give the first place to zeppelins, but it‘s not every day meal.

Dream country?

United States of America.

The thing you’re most afraid of?

I think that I would be most afraid to try parachuting jump. But I definitely do not rule out that I will try it someday.

What kind of thing would you like to advise Basketball Power children?

I really want each student of Basketball Power to think about his plans for the future. For a bright future and good life education is necessary. Whatever the bitterness of the science roots – the fruits are very sweet and delicious.

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