Meet coach Arijus

When did basketball came into your life?

Basketball came into my life when I was six and my dad took me to coach S. Žvinakis. Since my age group was not there, I played with 4 years older group. Then I changed the coach in the fourth class and began to play with the team of my age. With that team we made it to the league’s first division and for 5 seasons in a row I was most points-earning player in the league and 3 times I got the prize for being the most effective player in the league.

Who you wanted to become when grow up when you were a child?

I wanted to become a basketball player, but I also knew – if I wouldn’t succeed, I want to become a basketball coach

“Three things that you did not know about me”:

  • I really love travelling;
  • I dream of having a dog – a Labrador;
  • I do not save money when eating a delicious food.

Life event you would like to repeat?

That time of my life when I used to play basketball matches almost every day.

The greatest pleasure in your life is…?

Travelling, playing tennis, my job.

What would you like to say/advise to yourself in childhood?

I played basketball well in my childhood, so I’ve said a lot of awful words to those who played less well. I would like to turn back the time and say sorry to all of them.

Favorite dish?

Pizza and sushi.

Dream country?

USA for living, Thailand for a vacation.

The thing you’re most afraid of?


What kind of thing would you like to advise Basketball Power children?

For all the BP kids, I want to advise them to discover what they like. At school age you have to discover what you would like to do throughout your life, because when your hobby is your job, you never have to work in your life!

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