Meet coach Lukas

When did basketball came into your life?

Since my childhood I was watching my dad watching basketball games on TV and it seemed interesting for me. When I was three years old I found the right bucket, rubber ball and thats how I started playing basketball. Later parents saw my love for the game and bought me a bigger basket and a few years later they took me to basketball trainings.

Who you wanted to become when grow up when you were a child?

I had only one dream – to become a basketball player. Also I really liked geography.

“Three things that you did not know about me”:

  • I am interested in psychology and I have completed studies of creativity and business innovation;
  • During my free time, I really like to cook and I have some special recipes of mine;
  • In school I did not like mathematics.

Life event you would like to repeat?

The concert of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Depeche Mode or Metallica!

The greatest pleasure in your life is…?


Favorite dish?

Italian pizza and zeppelins.

Dream country?


The thing you’re most afraid of?

Spiders. And also it wouldn’t be funny if the monsters from the “Space Jam” movie took my basketball skills…

What kind of thing would you like to advise Basketball Power children?

To dream big. Perhaps not everything is simple for you right now, but after crossing the barriers and obstacles, you will feel much stronger than you were before and you will become an example for others that everything is possible.

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