Augustine Kazickas – “Basketball Power” program future belongs to the kids

I am proud to be Lithuanian. It is a country with impressive history and people, and, of course, lots of beauty. Historically, it was Dr. Joseph Kazickas’s dream to see his homeland break free of Soviet control. Through generations, the desire to see Lithuania succeed was passed on. In the Olympics, when it is USA vs Lithuania, we want Lithuania! The most important thing about this country is every individual’s deep desire to witness Lithuania prosper. Everyone, everywhere, wants to be better and contribute to a better Lithuania. Because Dr. Joseph Kazickas never forgot his life in Lithuania and what the country gave him, he wanted to return the favor to his country. This is the most important thing: to see Lithuania prosper. The Basketball Power program is an incredible program. Sport and mentorship have been very important in my life and to have this program in Lithuania, to offer athletics and teaching to kids, is a truly amazing resource. To have such great coaches in the program is a blessing. It has been really fun to see BP grow. The BP program future belongs to the kids. The best ideas will come from the participants in the program. If youth want to see changes in the program, they can make a call to program coordinators and tell them his or her ideas- we will do it! The future is yours to build. Basketball Power can be anything. Send us ideas! To all BP kids: Be active in whatever you do. Get involved. Never forget those who are less fortunate. Take advantage of any opportunity, and hang out with the coaches, they are awesome!

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