300 children celebrated Dr. Juozas Kazickas birthday

Can basketball teach the youth to become better people? It is a question that the “Basketball Power” program has been trying to answer for the 4th season in a row. Its goals are to inculcate life lessons to the youth, introduce them to different values and encourage the m to not only grow physically strong, but also strive to improve their self-confidence, respect for others andseek for a deeply purposeful life. In 16 disctricts, that are far away from the big cities, the coaches visit children once a week and teach basketball without any cost. But that is not everything – after the workouts the children get a chance to interact with the coaches, go to various program tournaments and get professional as well as cultural tours.

This Saturday, on January 27th, the “Dr. Juozas Kazickas 100th Anniversary” sports tournament took place. It gathered over 300 children from all “Basketball Power” teams. The event started with the Lithuanian National Anthem, which was sung by Skaiste and Ula from the “Ariogalos Tekme” day centre. Dr. Juozas Kazickas’ children –  Jūratė, Jonas and Mykolas Kazickai, who came from the USA to spend time with the Lithuanian youth and celebrate their Father’s commemoration, opened the tournament with congratulating words. “I am extremely happy to have an opportunity to be here today, to see the smiles of the children and be able to provide such opportunities for the youth in Lithuania. They are the country’s future. Our Father had never played basketball himself, but he fell in love with a gymnasium girl while she was playing basketball. That was our Mother and it is the reason why this sport is so important for us,” – said Jūratė. The participants were also greeted by brothers Jonas and Mykolas.

The bouncing balls and shouts of joy from the children did not quiet down at the Vilniaus Gediminas Technical University’s sports and arts center. The youth played basketball, football, participated in relay races and spent time together. The sports tournament was also attended by the sports club for the disabled – “Draugystė”, and the Special Olympics Athletes who participated in the relay races. The afternoon for the winner teams who received medals and winners’ cups, however, did not just end with sponsor prizes.

The youth also got to visit different companies. They met representatives from “Mercedes Benz”, Siilberauto, Opel – Autodina and Krasta Auto car salons introduced participants to the newest technology and mechanical career specializations as well as the refinements of sellers. Furthermore, the Devbridge Group introduced teens to IT innovations.

The doors of Lithuania’s Presidential Palace were also opened to the youth of “Basketball Power”. The President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, is overseeing the program while also doing a campaign “For A Safe Lithuania”. Participants got to visit a specialized sports shop – “Sport Point”, which consults professional athletes. Moreover, teens were introduced to the basics of event organizing at “Siemens Arena” and the images of virtual reality. They got a chance to spend some time sweating at the “IMPULS” sports club and find out more about a trainer’s career. The youth touched bits of Lithuania’s past at the Royal Palace and received an opportunity to say “hi” live on the “Radiocentras” radio.

The leaders, coordinators and initiatiors of the program believe in the youth of “Basketball Power” and work hard to ensure that children and teens from provinces with more difficult economic and social conditions receive as many opportunities and stay as occupied as possible. They work hard for the youth, so that they can find themselves, their true calling and start believing in a brighter future. The representatives of the program regularly meet with ministry representatives, seek for partner organizations and individuals or mentors who care about the youth of Lithuania.

Don’t be indifferent. Join us.

Dr. Juozas Kazicka's 100th Birthday Tournament

Savaitgalį pradėkime gera nuotaika ir akimirkomis iš Dr. Juozo Kazicko 100 – mečio turnyro! Dėkojame The Kazickas Family Foundation – Kazickų Šeimos Fondas ir visiems šio nuostabaus turnyro partneriams! Simno Gimnazija, Miroslavo gimnazija, Pasvalio r. Pumpėnų gimnazija, Lentvario Motiejaus Šimelionio Gimnazija, Želsvos mokykla veikli solidari, Specialiosios Olimpiados programa ,,Jaunieji atletai", Ariogalos vaikų dienos centras, Alytaus miesto bendruomenės centras, NSDUK DRAUGYSTE, Vabalninko Balio Sruogos vidurinė mokykla, Pandėlio sporto klubas, Raguvėlė, Panevėžio Apskritis, Lithuania, Šalčininkų rajono savivaldybė, Smalininkai!Let's start this weekend on a happy note remembering the excitement from the "Dr. Juozas Kazickas' 100th Birthday Tournament"! Thank you to all the Basketball Power partners!

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