Psychologist A. Ratkauskienė – about her decision to help BP kids

I was born and raised in Elektrėnai. I have studied in Kaunas for six years, but I came back to my hometown after graduating. Elektrėnai is one of the most beautiful towns in Lithuania. We are not only have amazing nature, forests, the lagoon of Elektėnai, a huge reservoir, an ice skating rink, and new bicycle paths; We are also halfway between the two of Lithuania’s biggest cities – only thirty minutes of driving and you are already in Vilnius or Kaunas.
I have finished psychology studies and have been working with the youth for thirteen years now. I have started my professional practice working at a Children’s Day Center. I am now working as a psychologist at the Kaišiadorys Vaclovas Giržadas progymnasium. The school, students, and colleagues there are awesome – they always lift my mood and provide motivation to never forget what I am working for. And I am working for the children. They are good with me and I am good with them – and that is the most important thing!
Sport has always been around in my life. I grew up seeing my parents doing sports, I myself have attended every possible after-school activity in my childhood – I have even tried judo. Sports are still a large part of my life. I go to swimming pools in winter. I ride my bicycle when it is warmer outside. Headphones, good music, and at least twenty kilometers every day. An amazing prevention from a bad mood and various illnesses. I have joined “Basketball Power” because of my passion for sports and children. I agree with the project’s idea of keeping children busy, distracting them from the computers and  smartphones, bad street influence,and involving them with sports and communicating eye to eye about various relevant topics. The conversations about different topics themselves are a part of the project that I can contribute my knowledge to. All of the coaches’ work with the children – I have admired, admire, and will continue to admire it! It is obvious that there is such a huge passion, devotion, and good mood! The children need good leaders and examples that they could look up to when growing up. I am sure that this project will cultivate amazing people. I wish for this project to live, expand, and popularize so that everyone knows about your good work.

Krepšinio Galios psichologė Aida Rakauskienė

Bendraujant su vaikais reikia mokėti juos sudominti, tiesa? Projekto psichologė Aida Strunkytė – Rakauskienė ne tik pati bendrauja su mūsų vaikais, tačiau ir mielai dalijasi patarimais su treneriais bei projekto koordinatoriais. Atėjo laikas Aidai prisistatyti pačiai, tad šiandien kviečiame su ja susipažinti – ką Aida mėgo veikti vaikystėje, kas jai teikia didžiausia malonumą ir ką ji mano apie Krepšinio Galią sužinosite video reportaže!Daugiau apie Aidą kviečiame skaityti: communicating with children you need to have some skills to keep them interested in you, right? Project‘s psychologist Aida Rakauskienė not only communicates with our children but also happily shares tips with coaches and project coordinators. It's time for Aida to introduce herself to you, so today we invite you to meet very important person of the project – what psychologist Aida liked to do in her childhood, what gives her the greatest pleasure and what she thinks about the Basketball Power you will see in the video!Read more about our psychologist:

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